Nine New Satellites of Saturn

See a table of Saturn's known satellites .

Circular No. 8727
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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     Further to IAUC 8523, S. S. Sheppard, D. C. Jewitt, and J.
Kleyna report the discovery of nine new satellites of Saturn
(S/2004 S 19 and S/2006 S 1-S/2006 S 8) in data obtained during
2004 Dec.-2005 Mar. and 2006 Jan.-Apr. with the Subaru 8.2-m
reflector, aided by B. G. Marsden's ongoing linkages and search
ephemerides.  The astrometry and orbital data appear on MPECs
2006-M44, 2006-M45, and 2006-M48, showing retrograde orbits with
orbital periods ranging from 862 to 1300 days.

                      (C) Copyright 2006 CBAT
2006 June 30                   (8727)            Daniel W. E. Green


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