Circular No. 8213
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams

S/2001 U 2
     A new Uranian satellite candidate (R = 24.9-25.1) was observed
on 2001 Aug. 13 (Cerro Tololo, Blanco 4-m reflector) and Sept. 21
(Palomar, Hale 5-m refl.) by teams led by M. Holman and B. Gladman
(for other participants and affiliations, see IAUC 7980), but further
attempts to observe the object proved unsuccessful.  On 2003 Sept.
24, B. G. Marsden identified this object, now designated S/2001 U
2, with a satellite candidate (R = 25.0-25.2) observed by S. S.
Sheppard, University of Hawaii, on images obtained by D. C. Jewitt
and himself on 2003 Aug. 29-30 (Subaru 8.2-m reflector) and Sept. 20
(Gemini 8.2-m reflector), and confirming observations were made by
Holman on Sept. 30 (Las Campanas, Clay 6.5-m reflector).
     Full astrometry, Marsden's orbital elements (S/2001 U 2, a = 0.14
AU, e = 0.43, i = 167 deg, H = 12.5; and ephemerides are on MPEC

                      (C) Copyright 2003 CBAT
2003 October 1                 (8213)            Daniel W. E. Green


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