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     MPEC 2002-J54 provides 109 observations of 11 new outer
satellites of Jupiter.  Following the communication to the Minor
Planet Center by S. S. Sheppard and D. C. Jewitt, University of
Hawaii, and J. Kleyna, University of Cambridge, of CCD observations
with the 3.6-m Canada-France-Hawaii and 2.2-m University of Hawaii
telescopes on pairs of nights in Dec. 2001 (Dec. 9-11 and 17-19),
B. G. Marsden considered these 11 objects (in the mag range R =
22.2-23.5) likely to be satellites and provided ephemerides that
allowed Sheppard's measurement of further images on 2002 Jan. 8, as
well as generally on another night during Jan. 9-16 and, with the
help also of orbit calculations by R. Jacobson, Jet Propulsion
Laboratory, during Feb. 10-11.  In two cases Sheppard identified
and measured images on Mar. 12.  Marsden's final perturbed orbit
solutions (epoch 2002 May 6.0 TT), also given on MPEC 2002-J54,
show all the satellites, designated S/2001 J~1-J 11, to have
retrograde orbits (140 deg < i < 166 deg to the 2000.0 ecliptic)
with P in the range 557-773 days and H from 15.4 to 16.8.


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