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Last Updated: October 2017


Jupiter has been referred to as a mini Solar System because of the thousands of small bodies it directly controls through its gravity. Choose a link below to find out more about these minor bodies near and around Jupiter.

Irregular satellites 

Regular satellites


Jupiter family comets 
Since Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System it has influenced our neighborhood second only to the Sun.

The other giant planets Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune also have regular and irregular satellites. Neptune also has Trojan asteroids. Click on the planet link under its current satellite count to learn more about each of the satellite systems.

Satellite Count











New Jupiter Satellites Announced in 2017

Long Lost Jupiter Moon Found

9 New Satellites of Saturn announced in June 2006

Names announced for Jupiter satellites discovered in 2002 and 2003

Cassini spacecraft discovers regular satellites

Additional new satellites of Jupiter announced in 2004, S/2003 J22 and S/2003 J23

Uranus' New irregular satellites

Neptune's New irregular satellite

Saturn's New irregular satellite

..... Download the Jupiter satellite paper (PDF) published in Nature

New satellites of Jupiter discovered in 2003

Names for Jupiter satellites discovered in 2001, Saturn in 2000 and Uranus 2001

Names for the Jupiter satellites discovered in 2000

Discovered satellite S/2002 J1

Details and discovery information on the discovered Jupiter satellites in late 2001



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