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Early Solar System Chronology

Fe X-ray map of a troilite inclusion from the Canyon Diablo Meteorite. The troilite is surrounded by carbon (blue), schreibersite (yellow) and iron metal (red).

Harrison Schmidt near the station 7 Boulder. Photo: E. Cernan, NASA.

Mantle Geochemistry

Purple garnet peridotite from Greenland. Photo: Graham Pearson.

Magmas as Tracers of Mantle Processes

Aerial photo of the 5000 year old Jordan Crater lava flow, eastern Oregon.

Origin and History of the Kaapvaal Craton

The 3.54 Ga Ngwane gneiss of Swaziland.

Rick Carlson and Allan Wilson (u. Durban) on the Nondweni komatite. Photo: Steve Shirey.

Volcanism in the Western US

Screenshot of the NAVDAT database.

Remnant columnar jointed Columbia River Basalts.

Isotopic Techniques

The DTM 15-inch TIMS. Photo: Steve Shirey.


South African Hippo.