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Understanding the Causes of
Continental Intraplate Tectonomagmatism:
A Case Study in the Pacific Northwest

Jenda Johnson PDF Print E-mail

Jenda Johnson is a geologist interested in the volcanic (astounding) and tectonic (confounding) interaction in the High Lava Plains. Courtesy faculty at Oregon State University. Part owner Volcano Video Productions, Hawai'i. Currently working with IRIS/EarthScope on outreach. Dabbler in all; master of none. Carpe Diem. Editor's note - Jenda is making critical contributions to the HLP project in many areas, including the hard ground work that allowed placement of over 100 seismometers throughout eastern Oregon. During the active seismic experiment in September 2008, she was responsible for the team placing seismometers along the shoulder of a long stretch of the busiest highway in the HLP. We are pleased to report that not a single life, nor seismometer, was lost. Jenda also serves as the project videographer and lyricist, see High Lava Plains Rambler.