MUD CUP VIII FINAL SCORE: DTM Dynamos 4 - GL Pistons 3

DTM Dynamos Nip GL Pistons in Second Half Rampage (Again) to Retain Mud Cup
by Stony Kornblower II

The GL Pistons took to an appropriately sloppy field to avenge a second half comeback in their previous Mud Cup loss to the DTM Dynamos. It was not to be, as history was to repeat. In a farewell game for DTM Captain Harri Vanhala, the Pistons took to the field with their newest star Jon Aurnou sporting a Viking cap (horns and all). Piston Co-captains Eugene Gregoryanz and Gotthard Saghi-Szabo were not amused, especially when Jon scored with a cracker volley to put the Dynamos on the scoreboard early in the first half. Gotthard countered with a flukey goal off colliding DTM defenders to tie the score. DTM retook the lead when Satoshi Inaba cleaned up some goal mouth clutter, only to see GL respond with Yanzhang Ma's wonder goal off the far post and David Bell's seeing-eye drive through a crowded goal crease to give the Pistons a halftime lead. However, sparked by the brilliant play of spiritual captain Richard "call me Richard" Wysoczanski, the inexhaustive play of Conel "who needs cleats" Alexander, the intimidating defense of Mike "come near me and you get hurt" Day, and the unflappable goaltending of Matt "I'm not out too far!" Fouch, the Dynamos pressured the clearly wilting Pistons throughout the second half. Jon "the Viking" Aurnou scored his second goal with a blast from 25 yards out to tie the score and Tim "I'd rather be playing basketball" Mock scored the game winner with another seeing eye crowd shot that sent the DTM supporters into a frenzy. When the final whistle blew DTM had again made a second half comeback to take Mud Cup VIII. Both the GL Pistons and the DTM Dynamos exhibited great game spirit as the game was played without referees and little controversy.

DTM Dynamos: Conel Alexander, Jon Aurnou, Ken Chick, Mike Day, Kathleen Donnelly, Lynne Elkins, Matt Fouch, Andy Freed, Satoshi Inaba, David James, Tim Mock, Chiara Petrone, Steve Shirey, Steven Shirey Jr., Paul Tomascak, Harri Vanhala, and Richard Wysoczanski.

DTM team picture