Most postdocs live in walking distance to the campus.  Some postdocs commute to work on bike or motorcycle.  The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (metro) has a helpful site.  Check it out.  If you need a car for a day or so to zip around town “wheels when you want them,” check out zipcar.  If you want to go by bus/coach to N.Y. for the weekend, click here.  There is also a great site called Getting Around the Washington, DC Area.   If you don’t feel like walking, you can either take a segway tour of downtown D.C. or rent a bike.

Want to take a day trip to New York City?  Try TripperBus.  Bus picks up in Bethesda, MD (or Arlington, VA) and in 4 hours (weather and traffic permitting) you are in NYC!

For maps of the vicinity around DTM, click here.


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