Job and Helpful Links

Job links:

American Geophysical Career Center

Science Careers (from the Journal Science)

American Astronomical Society Job Search

Physics Today Jobs

Helpful Links:

Faculty Salaries (courtesy: Christelle Wauthier)

Tips to negotiate a first faculty job AfterTheOffer

AAAS Career Resources, which includes a Tools & Tips and How-To Series

Check out Hints on Preparing Research Proposals on the American Astronomical Society (AAS) web page.  Although compiled in 1999, there are many helpful hints to be found on this link.

Helpful self-marketing resources for scientists, courtesy of Stella Kafka.

Helpful job-hunting tips (courtesy GL’s Adrian Villegas-Jimenez):

NSF funds a Marine Geosciences Leadership Symposium (MGLS), which is organized by the Consortium for Ocean Leadership (COL) headquartered in Washington, D.C. We will keep you posted as to when their next symposium will be held.

The American Chemical Society offers free online hour-long webinar presentations on job-hunting principles applicable to any scientist in any field.  Sample presentations you can download include “Sharpening your Interviewing Skills,” “Resume Writing for Scientists,” and “Today’s Job Search Strategies.”

Check out AGU’s Career Center Toolkit that provides links to “AGU Resume Guide,” “Negotiation Strategies and Tactics,” “Mastering the Art of the Interview,” and “Getting the most out of Conference Participation.”

Christian Miller provided a link for visual presentations of data: Information is Beautiful

Listing of academic jobs (and graduate student opportunities) in the Earth sciences sent by Christian Miller:

Geoscience Professorships/Lectureships/Faculty

Shaun Hardy (BBR Librarian):

The library’s page of guidebooks on writing papers, giving presentations, and writing proposals.  All are available in the library.

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